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livecomply AI solution LiveComply AI App LiveComply Regtech App

Continuous Compliance Solution

We help your businesses to manage your personal and sensitive data. Stay compliant with the newest government regulations.

LiveComply GDPR compliace solution LiveComply AI App LiveComply Regtech App

Manage your sensitive data

Save on lawyers and auditor times

Reduce to zero potential fines


What is Live Comply

LiveComply is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotic Documents Automation (RDA) Solution. It is the result of cooperation between the Data Scientists team and professional lawyers and auditors specializing in Regulatory Law.

This AI-powered solution is presented in Polish, English and in other European languages, taking into account the regional characteristics of each country for the storage of personal data. That makes it a unique tool with a continuous compliance approach for solving constantly changing regulatory issues both in EU countries, GB and North America.

livecomply Artificial Intelligence solution


Who is the product for

Livecomply Robotic Documents Automation tool

Data Administrators / GDPR and Security Officers

Easely find and protect all sensitive data stored in your internal environments or in the company’s cloud/multicloud networks.

Livecomply regulatory solution

Enterprise Level Companies / Financial Institutions

Know your clients and identify relations between them in all your environments, private clouds and corporate servers.


How it works?


Environments are scanned automatically. Administrator chooses parts of the environment for further scanning.


System starts the harvesting process of the data (searching for sensitive data).


Types of data are determined and relations between data are detected.


Administrator gets results and makes a decision to secure sensitive data if needed.

Types of data

LiveComply Types of data

System discovers:

  • Initial data (names, date of birth, ID numbers, driver’s license number etc)
  • Features (racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious beliefs, health condition etc)
  • Contacts (organization, company brach, tax number, account number, credit card, phone number, emails etc)
  • GEO (location, postal code, country, continent etc)
  • Others

Data relations

LiveComply Data Relations

System detects:

  • Connections (mother, father, family connection, employee, representative)
  • Real estate (sale, purchase, lease, owner, registered office, registered address, place of birth)
  • Financial (salary, share capital, amount granted by the lender, amount collected collected by the borrower etc)
  • Specific (alias, nickname, maiden name etc)
  • Others



Harvest your data

Our high-end AI models accurately detect personal information in your company data. Besides initial data, LiveComply is able to identify race or ethnicity, political views, health conditions and relations between them.

Umbrella your data

LiveComply helps discover any unauthorized access by verifying your environment metadata. Leave no room for possible data leakage, cyber attacks, unauthorized access and distribution to other people.

Advance your data

We use the continuous compliance approach, which is proactive action to constantly maintain and comply with your local GDPR requirements and other regulatory laws. We keep your business safe 24/7.

Livecomply regulatory compliance tool


What users say about LiveComply

Ł. Kulicki, CEO Law & Consulting Firm

"Now we can comprehensively examine the legal situation in [GDPR] by devoting only a fraction of the time spent during an audit. This saves costs for us and the client, being a significant competitive advantage."

livecomply rating livecomply rating livecomply rating livecomply rating livecomply rating

Ł. Czernikow GDPR initiatives

"Extremely innovative, indispensable and useful tool in the organization (…) by automating the manual and time-consuming element of the personal data area…"

livecomply rating livecomply rating livecomply rating livecomply rating livecomply rating



Livecomply benefits

Full control

Get full control over your data from various data sources. Now it's easy to find, manage and secure it if it is required.

Livecomply features

Risk management

Find and identify all your "sensitive" data in different environments considering storage and security requirements.

Livecomply business benefits

Save money

Effectively save on the cost of unnecessary human labor and reduce to zero potential fines.

Livecomply business features

Stay up to date

Smooth and interruptive adaptation to changing GDPR and other regulations. Change all your policies on time.

Livecomply solution benefits

Go globally

The system can support all European languages and takes into account the GDPR and other policies of the respective countries.

Livecomply solution features

User friendly app

Working with LiveComply does not require additional knowledge, it is intuitive and easy to use. 100% managed by your company.

Livecomply regulatory compliance solution Livecomply compliance solution Livecomply compliance app

Stay compliant with LiveComply

Try LiveComply free trial version. No payments required.

Contact Us

meet our team

Get to know the LiveComply specialists Team

Top AI engineers.
Extensive experience in AI-based solutions development.

Livecomply compliance tool
Grzegorz Kanka

Grzegorz Kanka


Krzysztof Cieśliński

Krzysztof Cieśliński

CTO & Cloud Computing Architect

Dr. Aleksander Smywiński-Pohl

Dr. Aleksander Smywiński-Pohl

AI & Research Engineer

Dr. Paweł Kapłański

Dr. Paweł Kapłański

AI & Research Engineer

Krzysztof Wróbel

Krzysztof Wróbel

NLP & ML Engineer


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company need to be GDPR compliant?

GDPR regulations apply to almost every organization in the EU that provides goods or services or monitors the behavior of individuals within the EU.

What happens if my company does not follow the GDPR policy?

Non-compliance with the GDPR entails large fines (up to 4% for a company's global turnover or up to 20 million euros).

What personal data should be taken into account?

Any data about a specific person that you store in internal environments or in the cloud / multi-cloud networks of the company and data that is stored by external services that you use.

Why is it important to secure data?

Data must be secured to avoid unauthorized access and distribution to other people, as well as due to possible data leakage and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

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