Regulatory compliance automated

LiveComply makes it easier to onboard, 
pre-check and automate compliance
of your customers.

What is LiveComply.AI?

LiveComply.AI is a comprehensive RPA solution, designed by Data-Scientists alongside with Lawyers and Auditors, for Legal Advisors and Regulatory Auditors.

In audits, allows reduction of time spent in highly repetitive tasks. Allows experts to focus on their main job and automate all of the repetitive parts. LiveComply.AI saves time and money!

Besides, LiveComply.AI decreases company costs by introducing an automated lawyer & auditor that is cheap and trustworthy. It is the perfect DPO´s assistant!​

For a lawyer, AN auditor or a dpo

LiveComply.AI creates a unique experience of working hand-by-hand with decent computer technology, enabling them working with smaller customers that were not able to pay enough for the audit.

For all of us

Anyone can have access to decent legal advice without spending too much money through A.I.

How it works?


Expert legal advisors encoded their knowledge and experience about the regulation.


The customer legal documents and the data are scanned. Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms do the rest!



The Explainable A.I. Reasoner analyses regulations and data, this triggers the Recommender System that provides solutions


Legal artifacts: agreements, statements, deals are all being automatically generated based on carefully crafted Word templates designed by the most trustworthy lawyers.



Automates the initial legal interviews with your clients. It helps them to understand their situation and find the right solution.


Generate high-quality customer traffic and onboard your customers via your webpage.

Robotic Word Processor

Automate audit of the customer's documentation with decent NLP tools and generate missing legal documents based on high-quality templates.

Compliance Violations Scanner

Ensure the 24/7 regulatory compliance of your customers with the comprehensive Robotic Process Automation Scanner that treats Compliance Violations like Computer Viruses.

Status Quo of The Regulatory Bureaucracy

Is there a better way to control regulatory bureaucracy in a company than by continuous confirmations of its regulatory compliance via cyclic audits? No, but we do can improve the entire process with the boon of technology. Specifically; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) equipped with digitized knowledge of Experts makes in overall the compliance cycles significantly more effective.

A.I. and RPA can help humans. There are really not many people with a detailed understanding of all the legal aspects of complex regulations and our mission is to maximize the amount of time they are doing what is difficult and automate all the other “easy” things.


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